Metal detectors

Many years of experience in the production of metal detectors for security applications has enabled CEIA to produce many different versions of detectors in order for you to choose the right one for your needs. The key part of the offer are 2 types of gate detectors – panel type and column type. The remaining part of the offer are hand metal detectors and metal detectors used in cabins with revolving doors.


Column type metal detectors
These metal detectors have a circular or ellipse shaped cross-section. This makes them more resistant to mechanical damage. Column detectors also take up much less space compared to panel detectors, as a result they can be used in places with limited space. The key advantage of column metal detectors is the fact that the dead angle phenomenon can be limited. This helps the guard who operates the detector.

Panel type metal detectors
Panel type metal detectors have similar parameters and areas of usage as column metal detectors. The key differentiator is the fact that panel type metal detectors have very high sensitivity and as a consequence they can detect very small metal objects.

Hand-held metal detectors
Hand-held metal detectors can  be used to support the work of gate metal detectors, check bags, letters and luggage. Special versions of such metal detectors can be used in prisons, hospitals and archeological research.

Cabin metal detectors
These metal detectors are designed to be built in cabins (sluices) equipped with two revolving doors, and for maintenance-free access control. These detectors can be panel or column type.