The access control and management system is a Integrated Management System - a powerful system = facility management. It combines many functions:

  • Access control system and door status based on HITAG-2 125kHz or Mifare Plus X card readers with encryption function.
  • Controlling vaults and lockers from an external station.
  • Control of the supply of utilities (electricity, water, central heating, etc.) and their monitoring.
  • Control of ventilation and air-conditioning devices or systems.
  • Cooperation with the internal communication system (intercom and radio node).
  • Cooperation with alarm systems, fire protection
  • Cooperation with the video surveillance supervision system.
  • Cooperation with a mobile phone, internet, fax

Access control system with pass control system

The Pass Control System is an access control system in a cost effective version dedicated only to controlling the passages and operating the intercom system.  It is possible to switch to a more complex Integrated Management System at a later stage.

Integrated Management SystemPass Control System.

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Access Control System, Integrated Management System and Pass Control System are designed and manufactured in Poland.