The ability to broadcast messages, efficiently spread information in large buildings and provide early warnings makes it possibile for Radio Node Systems to be installed not only in schools or retail outlets, but also in workplaces.

Our offer includes devices that are used both to distribute the sound signal and to receive it. They can be combined with radio hub amplifiers, the output voltage of which is 100V, as well as with standard microphone stations and most loudspeakers available on the market. This type of  broadcasting systems allows the transmission of signals, even over long distances, without the risk of message disruption.

Thanks to the use of a network of double wires, the radio systems we offer enable efficient volume control and adjusting its level to the individual requirements of each room. Too loud music will not hinder work in small rooms, and will remain audible in larger ones. This solution works well for messages transmitted via the microphone - regardless of the programmed volume, the message will be clearly heard in every room, which is crucial in the event of an emergency..

Main tasks of the Radio Node System:

  • music distribution, radio stations etc.
  • distribution of voice messages from microphone stations

There is also a possibility to:

  • seven-level volume adjustment from 0% to 100%
  • connecting additional control panels
  • setting a priority for voice messages coming from a microphone station
    (the message can be heard regardless of the level set volume on the radio panel)
  • remote volume forcing at 0%, 50% and 100% regardless of the settings in the radio panel
  • controlling additional devices, e.g. windows, through the IMS system or other control system.



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