Compact, lightweight and portable x-ray system for effective mattress control.

BV M.A.X. is a mobile compact scanning system (x-rays) designed for quick, effective and non-contact checking of mattresses and personal belongings of prisoners.

Due to the compact design and the presence of special BV M.A.X. it can be easily carried and used wherever security control is needed. BV M.A.X. fits through the clearance of standard interior doors.

This mobile and versatile tool is the first system specifically designed to address the problem of contraband / smuggling of hidden objects in mattresses. It can be brought directly into the prison block or dormitories and greatly assist the inspection process. The system is designed to eliminate the need to prepare mattresses for conventional x-ray inspection systems.

BV M.A.X. it also has the standard functions of a luggage scanner to enable checks of mail and personal belongings.


  • Automatic detection of the most common smuggling methods
  • Ability to test mattresses from most suppliers
  • Automated control process
  • No special training needed
  • Contraband detection software
  • Simple and easy-to-use touchscreen interface
  • It fits in the clearance of standard doors
  • Internal and network data storage
  • Remote diagnostics function
  • Photo preview and other advanced software features
  • Optional special "stepped" wheels
  • Network integration
  • Ready to operate a barcode reader, camera, RFID, ID reader

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