Pass Control System

Pass Control System is easy to build and maintain. The main task of this system is monitoring and remote management of passes. Part of the solution comes from Integrated Management System, the system operator opens the door after receiving the pass request signal and visual approval (CCTV cameras used) of a person or situation.

In addition the Pass Control System can be equipped with an intercom subsystem, which depending on the situation will perform one of the tasks:

  • support the pass requests with voice communication,
  • play the role of a typical intercom system between the operator and the other rooms, regardless the Pass Control System operations.

Work of Pass Control System

The work of the Pass Control System involves operating the system control panel for which all information necessary for the operator is presented in a legible way (using LEDs), such as:

  • all incoming requests to the system,
  • requests currently supported transition status (open or closed),
  • status of intercom or telephone connections (in case of using the AC-MDSP10 intercom module), etc.

 status of intercom or telephone connections (in case of using the AC-MDSP10 intercom module), etc. Based on this information and data from other subsystems, the operator decides how to handle a given request, i.e. opens the door remotely or refuses access.

Possibilities of Pass Control System

Additionally, the operator can control subsystems using the control panel independently, i.e. CCTV CCTV system using Control Output Modules EB-MWA16 entry phone system when the control panel is equipped with an additional AC-MDSP10 intercom module.

In the first case, the control panel automatically switches the camera image at the time of the first request and after handling the request in the event that there were another in the queue. In addition, the operator has the option of manually switching camera images using the control panel keypad.

In the case of an intercom system, the operator has the option to:

  • verify the person trying to pass,
  • communicate with any room where the intercom panel is installed (can call any intercom),
  • set up telephone connections with intercoms using the internal telephone exchange connected to the Pass Control System exchange,
  • listening in to rooms with intercom panels and telephone conversations passing through the control panel (option)
  • register intercom and telephone conversations and record on an external recorder (option).

Power supply for Pass Control System

Depending on the user's requirements, powering the system may be local or central. System controllers are build in a modular manner in OB-SZxx enclosures, and all local node devices are installed in practical electrical switchboards. If it is not possible to use switchboards, OB-MTxx or OB-TW3M mounting cover should be used.

Structure of the Pass Control System

The system can handle up to 32 doors and up to 32 independent intercom points. Building such a system may take place in stages, and the expansion of the system consists in connecting other controllers and appropriate accessories to the control and intercom buses.

An additional advantage of the system is the possibility of an easy "transition" to the Integrated Management System without losing the installed equipment and without the need to change the configuration of the switchboards. In practice, such a change consists in splitting the system's control bus into two:

  • controlling the intercom system (intercom controllers) and leaving it within the Pass Control System as an intercom system,
  • control system in the IMS system (door supervising controllers) and on "connecting" the control bus to the main position of the Integrated Management System.

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