In order to be able to check the effectiveness of advertising campaigns conducted in stores, or to control the number of customers' visits by comparing them with sales, modern people counters are used.

Counter of people entering the store

These are small devices that enable the entry or exit of a given store to be recorded. Most often they are installed at all entrances. In addition to free-standing people counters, we offer technologies integrated with modern anti-theft gates (EAS systems). Empel System offers products that operate as an independent element.

Two-way people counter

Meco MS-BPC561 and MS-BPC561 D two-way people counters for monitoring visits and sales significantly contributes to increasing profits and savings.

The device can work as a completely independent system - display the number of passes on the display (model MS-BPC561 D) or be connected via a data converter with the integrated sales support system "Counter View" or "M-Store". Thanks to this, we can create a comprehensive system supporting increasing sales or introducing new and attractive advertising campaigns.

People Counters - how to install

People counter can be wall-mounted, on mounting posts or attached to a roller shutter. It takes little space, so it will certainly not be disturbing when opening the door or entering the store.

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