Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the earliest possible detection of outbreaks has become crucial. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to remotely and completely contactlessly detect some symptoms, such as increased body temperature.

Due to the market demand, the EMPEL company introduces a thermographic (thermovision) human body temperature control system of the well-known and reputable DAHUA brand.

Thermography CCTV – tool for fighting coronavirus 

CCTV thermal imaging technology in combination with advanced artificial intelligence in the field of image analytics allows for quick detection of people with increased body temperature. The system works quickly and provides high capacity, so it can be successfully used in places with high pedestrian traffic such as: airports, shopping malls, stations, stadiums, public institutions, etc.

Key parameters of thermographic system DAHUA

  • High measurement accuracy (± 0.3˚C)
  • Non-contact and high throughput
  • Exceeding standards alarm function
  • Expandable (face detection, etc.)

For additional information and a quotation, please contact the EMPEL sales department.