Anti-theft accessories are necessary equipment for every EAS system.

Thanks to many years of experience, we know how important the highest level of security is. Starting with the materials from which our systems are made, through the effectiveness of the magnetic lock, to the high operating parameters, we make sure you get the best EAS systems.

The high quality of the material used to produce, for example, a security tag, means greater mechanical strength, which directly increases the resistance to theft, e.g. using pliers.

An effective magnetic lock is a guarantee that any "illegal" attempt to open the security tag will end in failure, in addition, a good lock has a minimized risk of permanent blocking.

The most important security parameter is the quality factor of the clip coil. Accessories with a high Q parameter bend the transmitter's signal more strongly, thus they are detected faster and more effectively than those with a low "Q" parameter.

Despite meeting all the stringent requirements, we manage to maintain an affordable price level. We have well-developed warehouse facilities and we offer the possibility of importing non-standard accessories on request in line with the current requirements.

Another thing is the selection of the type of security (type, size, frequency) to the system used. We are happy to provide professional advice in that area.

If you are interested in any of the accessories listed below, please send us your inquiry.