As a necessary addition to our offer we deliver complex delivery, installation and maintenance of visual systems, monitoring CCTV systems (Close Circuit Television). Visual systems and monitoring is since many years the most effective security and electronic supervision tool.

Main advantages of using CCTV visual systems are:

  • The ability to remotely view a given place, which directly affects the ability to control and coordinate activities, and may also have a positive impact, for example, on the effectiveness of employees.

  • Image recording, thanks to which there is a possibility of quick and effective resolution of disputes, as well as in the event of burglary or theft. It enables also the entire recording to be opened, copied and forwarded to the competent law enforcement authorities.
  • The preventive function, often the presence of a monitoring system acts as a preventive element and discourages attempts to break in or robbery.

Today's visual systems

Modern CCTV vision systems also offer the possibility of analyzing the recorded image from the level of the recorder or computer application. Such an analysis opens up new possibilities, out of which the most important are:

  • Visitor counting, which can be implemented on the basis of several technologies. The simplest of them is the so-called line intersection and it can be run based on standard IP cameras, unfortunately these technologies are burdened with a large measurement errors. Advanced counting systems have an algorithm that allows the recognition of a human figure or face. Solutions of this type ensure very high accuracy of measurement regardless the place and lighting conditions, however, they require the highest quality equipment, professional recognition, assembly and implementation.

Visual systems creating heat maps

  • Creating the so-called heat maps in order to identify the most interesting places in store spaces for the customer. Heat maps allow you to analyze the behavior and interest of customers, thanks to which you can optimize the arrangement of goods, evaluate the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and, if necessary, make necessary corrections.

  • Recognition of car license plates, thanks to which the monitoring can perform the function of access control, recognizing plates, e.g. at the entrance to the parking lot, and granting access only to those vehicles whose number is in the database.

We invite you to get to know our visual systems and to make an inquiry.

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Monitoring IP

Monitoring HDCVI

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