Metal detector CEIA HI-PE Multizone

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CEIA HI-PE Multizone is an enhanced Walk-Through Multi-Zone Metal Detector

It is also the basic model of metal detectors equipped with a zone locator, signaling the height at which the dangerous object has been placed and the approximate size of the object with a vertical line of LEDs. It can work in three modes: dynamic, in which the zones are created on the basis of the innovative technology of continuous vector magnetic field scanning, ensuring the same sensitivity in every place of the scanned area, and four- and eight-zone, where the sensitivity of each zone can be set individually. HI-PE Multizone is characterized by simple configuration and ease of use. It is also immune to electrical noise. The metal detector control unit is built into the gate structure. Access to the control terminal has been secured by both a mechanical lock and appropriate passwords. The HI-PE Multizone detector was manufactured using the latest technologies adapted to the quality control system according to ISO 9001.


Schools, hotels, theme parks, public offices, embassies, industrial facilities, airports, prisons (visitors), courts, discos.

Key features

  • Wide range of threat detection from guns to ½ cutter blade
  • Excellent discrimination of personal metal effects
  • 60 localization zones (20 vertical x 3 lateral) with left, center and right indication
  • Met-Identity technology identifies and signals the metal type in real time
  • High precision bidirectional counter with automatic rescreening compensation
  • Random alarm capability programmable from 0% to 100%
  • Exceptional Immunity to external interferences
  • Standard Interfaces: BT wireless communication, Infrared
  • Other available interfaces: Ethernet, USB


People counter, calibration standards, internal batteries, RCU remote control unit, software

MD SCOPE enabling full control of the detector from a PC and NETMANAGER software that manages the operation of detectors in a network system.


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