Metal detector CEIA classic

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The CEIA CLASSIC metal detector is the basic model of the gate detector, designed to meet the specific requirements of public places as hotels, amusement parks, schools and discos.

Navy version Classic metal detectors additionally have a reduced height and waterproof housing of the electronic part in the IP55 class, so that it can be used, for example, on cruise ships. In the above applications (mainly the detection of firearms) the highest sensitivity is not required, but the high efficiency of the detector is very important. Classic metal detector provides high throughput while maintaining the required level of security. Items such as coins, keys or watches do not cause false alarms. The Classic metal detector has an attractive, compact and lightweight column design which makes it portable and adaptable to use in any environment. The configuration procedure has been simplified to a minimum, and the operation is also very easy. It’s safe to say that the Classic is the most user-friendly metal gantry detector in the industry. It also has an exceptionally good value for money, so it is the right choice in applications where the most important combination of parameters such as safety, performance and affordable price.


  • Classic – schools, hotels, theme parks, public offices, embassies, public events, courts, discos
  • Classic Navy – cruise ships


  • High detection sensitivity for all types of metals
  • Very high mechanical and electrical resistance
  • Simple operation and configuration by means of a built-in terminal secured with a lock
  • Metal detection in objects moving at speeds up to 15 m / s
  • Automatic, wireless synchronization of detectors working at a distance of 5 cm
  • No need for periodic calibration


An acoustic signal with adjustable color and volume level and an optical signaling device of the terminal, indicating the approximate weight of the object


Stabilization plates for portable applications, calibration standards, external batteries

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