Hand held metal detector PD140N

  •  NIJ-0.602.02, RoHS standardCompact, elegant, durable and ergonomic

    Detection of both magnetic and non-magnetic objects

    Extended working time

    Advanced programming options

    Possibility to work inside and outside the building

    The handheld metal detector PD140N combines high reliability and ergonomics with advanced detection and signaling functions. The special features of this device are high sensitivity to all metals and full compliance with the latest safety standards.


    sensitivity adjustable

    extended time of continuous operation

    automatic low-power mode during pauses in scanning

    The long-life batteries included in the equipment are a renewable energy source and eliminate the cost of alkaline batteries

    Equipped with a fast and reliable charger

    Standard operator functions or the possibility of adaptation via GUI PC and USB interface


    Correctional bets


    Government facilities

    Penal establishments

    Preventive departments

    Public events

    School protection

    Nuclear facilities

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