Welcome to the world of high-quality X-ray machines.

The Empel offer has been divided into two main product groups, addressed especially to companies in the:

  • industry,
  • security sector.

X-ray devices for the security sector have their application in facilities such as: prisons, courts, prosecution, border crossings. The RTG screening machine offered by us will be very useful during the inspections of people entering the area of the airport or another security zone. It allows you to check the contents of luggage very quickly and easily , as well as the pockets of passengers.

We offer both small handheld detectors and larger machines, equipped with extremely durable conveyor belts for any luggage.

The X-ray detector for industry is applicable in all processing plants where the detection of metal contaminants is insufficient to ensure an adequate level of safety and there is a need to ensure that any contaminants such as glass, plastic or ceramics are eliminated.

X-ray devices for industry also have a different role. They provide control of a product packed in metallised foil and allow to estimate the weight of a given product, its loss or imperfections.

We provide professional technical advice for all types of devices and support at every stage. As a producer of technologically advanced x-ray screeners (detectors), we offer our clients solutions perfectly suited to the needs of a given company. They include, among others, the size of individual devices, their functionality, full equipment or materials used.

At the same time, we provide professional warranty and post-warranty service.

We invite you to cooperation.