Recently more and more often there is a need to use more and more technologically advanced methods for thieves. That is why our company has created modern anti-theft systems, used in many stores.

Empel as a producer and supplier of well-known and reputable Meco anti-theft gates, offers comprehensive solutions in the field of securing goods against theft.

Theft signaling systems (SSK) of the NQ Connect series are modern constructions. Stainless steel and anodized aluminum were used for construction. The combination of network technology with unique solutions developed by EMPEL engineers allows us to offer our clients many unprecedented solutions, such as:

  • Very high operating parameters and resistance to interference,
  • All NQ class devices can be connected and remotely managed,
  • Preview of the work environment, the ability to remotely change any parameters,
  • Data exchange via the Internet,
  • Remote service: connection of the NQ system with the EMPEL service server.

Meco NQ series anti-theft gate can be equipped with an integrated customer counter. The whole is operated from a computer, through the integrated „Counter View” or „M-Store” sales support system. These tools are used to collect and present data related directly to the assessment of sales effectiveness, including the location of a commercial outlet. Thanks to this combination, you can easily control the effectiveness of an advertising campaign or prepare special promotions at a specific time, when the most customers visit the store.

The products offered by our company are perfect for companies in every industry. Most often, they are used in clothing, electronic, cosmetics or footwear stores.

Meco anti-theft gates also guarantee that you are buying a device designed and manufactured in Poland.