For the access control system to work properly, it must be equipped with a suitable conveyor system with a rejection system.

The design ensuring maximum hygiene and the possibility of control in combination with the rejection system of various products make EMPEL belt conveyors ideal as an integral part of metal detection systems.

We are able to undertake almost any task and provide:

  • Solutions adapted to the existing lines as required by the investor,
  • High-quality modular or flat belts for contact with food,
  • Customized choice of auto rejection solutions and equipment, adapting to line speed and product variety
  • Reliable monitoring responsible for rejection, bin filling, line blocking and other essential functions.

So if you need high-quality belt conveyors for your business, please contact us. We will help you choose the best solution and adapt it to your needs.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions and convenience to people who use our products

Belt conveyors have many advantages

They are perfect for products with small dimensions, but also for heavy ones. This solution significantly increases the comfort of work and allows the use of the same conveyor for various types of products.

You can use them to carry items vertically and horizontally, making them easy to maneuver. What's more, they also give us the ability to lift objects to a great height..

They work very quietly, so they do not create additional noise and have a positive effect on the comfort of employees. In addition, they can also be integrated into assembly lines.

They are not expensive and their price corresponds to the quality of workmanship and the reliability of this type of equipment. What's more, they can be mounted quickly and put into operation immediately.

Where can belt conveyors be used?

First of all, belt conveyors will be used for small goods, regardless of their properties. Most often they are transported in bulk or in a package. However, that's not all, they can also be used for heavy bulk materials, as well as for general cargo, such as cardboard boxes or boxes.

They will prove themselves in virtually every industry branch, making them an excellent investment. What's more, there are different models available, so everyone will find the right one for their business.

Construction of a belt conveyor

This device is used for transporting loads both horizontally and vertically, which makes it suitable for moving goods as well as lifting them to different heights.

The operation of the conveyor is very simple. The mounted conveyor belt moves along the steel table, and the drive rollers placed in it allow for the transport of goods. In addition, this device can also use special tapes that can be made of various materials, most often they are used to protect materials against spilling

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