In the field of dynamic weighing, Empel offers complete solutions for the most demanding lines.

Empel is an authorized trading partner of Minebea - Intec in the field of sales and integration of dynamic control systems.

We supply dynamic checkweighers and metal detector (combi) systems - checkweighers in cooperation with Minebea - Intec.

In this regard, we are also able to meet any personalized customer requirements by creating a complete device according to the customer's specific requirements.

Check weights

We design and manufacture reliable product alignment systems to work with dynamic checkweighers or combi sets (detector - scale) or X-Ray - dynamic checkweigher.

Empel guarantees all its customers professional warranty and post-warranty service for checkweighers and entire systems.

In our production plant, we also carry out repairs and modifications to existing devices.

We provide our clients with professional technical advice.

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