EMPEL SYSTEM as an exclusive distributor in Poland, an exclusive Dutch company DIALOC ID, complements its offer in electromagnetic systems of theft signaling.

Electromagnetic gates are dedicated wherever safety and effectiveness of security is the highest priority. The protection has a small size: it is a silver strap (wire) with a width of 4 mm and a length of about 130 mm. The gates offered by us can sense its presence even through several layers of aluminum foil. The labels placed on metal objects will also be detected effectively. A loud audible and visual alarm will allow security staff to react quickly and prevent theft.

Dialoc ID systems are the most modern and best-made constructions. Each of the electromagnetic gates is equipped with a customer counter and can be installed in both single and double corridor modes.

The Ellipse model, thanks to its polyurethane housing and high height (1812 mm), will be a great choice for stores, supermarkets or libraries. The base made of powder coated aluminum stabilizes the gate and makes it resistant to impact with shopping trolleys.

Pentor and Diamond systems, thanks to their stylish appearance and perfect workmanship, will blend in with any surroundings, and what’s more, they will become an exclusive element of the interior. The acrylic glass antennas installed in them are resistant to UV radiation and atmospheric conditions. The bases are made of stainless steel or durable anodized aluminum. This type of electromagnetic gate can be successfully used both in interiors and during outdoor events.