If you are looking for a solid security system for doors and windows in your home or company, the best solution for you will be modern CoMETA electric locks. For many years, this company has been recognized as the guarantor of the highest quality products, enabling long-term, trouble-free use.

The products we offer are made of extremely durable hardened steel, which is distinguished by resistance to shearing, sawing or other mechanical damage. As a result, they will successfully provide effective protection against thieves. They are also characterized by stainless, which allows their use in any conditions, even during frost or heavy rain.

CoMETA products are designed for intensive use, enabling over two million opening and closing cycles without maintenance. Such parameters are certainly impressive and allow for long, trouble-free use and full security of property.

In our offer you can find a wide range of electric locks, which can be used in various places and configurations, thanks to many available options. They mainly differ in size, equipment, functions or assembly method.

They can be used in virtually any interior or building, where special attention is paid to effective security systems and protection of objects and documents stored in individual rooms. They can be, for example, various types of offices, healthcare or educational institutions.

All items we offer are covered by a three-year warranty. Such a long period may indicate how reliable the CoMETA electric locks are.

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