Designs and manufactures devices for the protection of facilities and property as well as specialized machines for the industry related to transport and protection of products since 1995. We specialize in solutions in the field of monitoring, security management and protection of objects requiring special supervision:

  • industrial facilities
  • prisons
  • banks
  • laboratories
  • fuel bases

As part of the offer addressed to our clients, there are devices characterized by modern design and excellent technical parameters.

  • Integrated Management System (ZSZ)
  • Transition Control Systems (SSP)
  • Interphone and Sound Systems(SIN) for special applications.
  • Theft Signaling Systems (SSK) and Pass Counters (LP)
  • Media Monitoring Systems (MM)
  • Industrial conveyors (PT)

To complement the offer, EMPEL offers recognized global producers systems, of which it is an authorized representative in Poland.

  • Loma Systems – industrial metal detectors and x-ray inspection machines
  • Minebea Intec – industrial metal detectors and x-ray inspection machines
  • CEIA – hand-held metal detectors
  • ET Engineering S.r.l. – metal gate detectors, safety locks
  • Adani – x-ray inspection machines security
  • CoMETA – locks and electromagnetic bolts
  • Opera – locks and electromagnetic bolts

The quality of products, service and our own technological and research facilities allow our specialists to solve every problem in the scope of the broadly understood protection of objects and property.

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